Business case: Cancer in the workplace

Employer business case

A diagnosis is unpredictable and from that moment, people’s lives are turned upside down. In our latest research, employees ranked cancer in their top three health concerns and expressed fears over their chances of survival if diagnosed during COVID.

While businesses want to do their best for their employees, they often lack the knowledge and resources to help in the way they would like. So to help, we've put together all the evidence and information you need to form a business case for cancer support. 

What's inside?
      • The impact of COVID on cancer and the demand for private healthcare
      • The financial impact on business and ripple effect of cancer on mental health and those providing care
      • How we can help to reframe your response to critical illness
      • Proving ROI and evidence to build a strong business case
      • How our approach is different and provides a unique viewpoint on cancer pathways
      • Share our latest research on employee wellbeing and the type of support employees want
      • Case studies

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